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Our products are divided into the categories cloud, data and communication. Click one of the icons to find out more.

With stoney cloud you operate your Linux and Windows based machines in Swiss data centres. CPU, RAM, disc space and bandwidth are matched to your requirements, based on calculable prices.

With the stoney services backup, maintenance, monitoring and standby duty, you can let your infrastructure be savely managed. Locally or in the cloud.

With stoney backup you can save your data in Swiss data centres and protect it from hardware errors, tampering or natural hazards.

With stoney storage you can keep your data safe in Swiss data centres and still have them with you, wherever you go.

With stoney web your websites are stored on servers in Swiss data centres that are regularly secured, monitored and maintained.

With stoney mail you have worldwide access to your E-Mails, contacts and appointments stored, in Swiss data centres.

With stoney meet you communicate worldwide via video with your colleagues, customers and partners..

With stoney office you and your team can simultaneously process your documents stored in Swiss data centres. 

With stoney wiki you have world wide access to your documentation, manuals and notes stored in Swiss data centres.


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