About us

Since 2004, stepping stone Ltd offer their customers personal assistance in the areas of engineering and automation of IT-services with emphasis on Open Source based solutions.

Our own Swiss Cloud, spread over two data centres, allows the operation of scalable and high available solutions, assembled from modular, standardised components. Managed Cloud services like backup, monitoring, maintenance and stand by services allow the partly or full outsourcing of your infrastructure into the cloud. 

Additionally, you can profit from the many years of experience of our team of experts – from planning to the implementation of your solution.

What our experts have to offer:

  • Personal consulting
  • Planning and conception
  • Engineering and automatisation
  • Installation and configuration
  • Capacity planning and operations


On the 8th of March 2022 a vulnerability was found in the Linux kernel version 5.8 up to version 5.10.102, 5.15.25 or 5.16.11, which was classified as...

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18 years stepping stone Ltd!

· Written by Caterina Vispo
Events Anniversary

Since 18 years our customers and partners trust in the secure and stable services of stepping stone Ltd

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