Today, through the internet directly or indirectly accessible IT-Services are vulnerable for multiple threats and attacks. Therefore recording regularly security updates and evaluations of the log entries is compulsory.

Depending on the installed operation system and based on the regular publicized security advisories the available security patches are on the maintained system recorded during the agreed time frame, once a month. Depending on size and importance of your services, a multi-level update procedure in a test- and productive surrounding is offered: available updates are first rolled out on a test surrounding. After your acceptance an roll out on the production will follow. Any update problems can be recognised in early stage without impairment on the productive system.

Actual Maintenance

This maintenance work on the service infrastructure will increase the data throughput and thus improve the performance of the stoney backup service.

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Due to a software bug our central storage servers (Tier1: SSD based) are synchronised themselves. This is lead to performance limitations.

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Our central storage servers (Tier1: SSD based) are synchronising themselves. This is leading to performance limitations.

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