Retrospection on the Infrastructure-as-a-Service Event

Last Friday, the 27th of May 2016 stepping stone GmbH held their yearly partner-, customer and networking-conference for the sixth time.

The speeches about the theme Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) were held (in German) in a relaxing atmosphere:

The discussions following the speeches were held in German and English. In between we held a business card draw with prizes out of our region.

  1. Prize: The bottle Marc de la Cour de Berne went to Donat Fritschy, CEO of Webmanufaktur Fritschy & Cie. AG.
  2. Prize: A bottle each of Schafiser Pinot Noir and Schafiser Chasselas form the Winery of the City of Berne went to David Vollmer, System Engineer at Adfinis SyGroup AG.
  3. Prize: The case of Felsenau Junker beer went to Jorgo Ananiadis, CEO of JACiD GmbH.