Renewal of the stoney backup infrastructure and expansion of the data backup concept

stepping stone Ltd has renewed its online backup infrastructure and changed the data backup concept for Linux-based servers.

The need of our customers for more flexible, individually configurable backup options is increasing. stepping stone Ltd has therefore renewed the backup infrastructure and changed the backup concept for Linux-based servers for the stoney backup service.

With the renewal of our online backup infrastructure, we now have significantly faster servers with a higher storage capacity for the stoney backup service.

The backup concept of the graphical backup client (Windows and Linux) allows the following iterations at a freely selectable time:

  • Daily backups: 7 daily iterations (restore data for a specific day of the week)
  • Weekly backups: 4 weekly iterations (restore data for a specific week of the month)
  • Monthly backups: 3 monthly iterations (restore data for a specific month of the quarter)

For Linux-based servers, the backup concept was changed as follows (number of iterations freely selectable):

  • Daily backups: up 99 daily iterations

Customers can not only restore specific daily backups for Linux-based servers, but also restore the entire file structure over a longer period of time. This means, for example, that it is possible to restore data from the entire 99 days, the last 20 days or a specific day from this period. The new concept thus offers more flexibility and a daily image of the backed up data over the predetermined period.

To benefit from the new backup concept for Linux-based servers, you can use the following manual.