Open Source Survey Switzerland 2018 published

Yesterday, the detailed results of the triannually Open Source Survey Switzerland were presented in Zurich.

243 CEO's, CIOs and computer scientists answered numerous questions about usage, benefits and obstacles of Open Source Software.

During the presentations, Mister Dominik Wotruba of Red Hat said: "The most important problems are solved with OpenSource." The results of the survey confirmed this quote. The usage of Open Souce has risen, 56.3% of the companies use Open Source Desktop solutions.

According to the study 55.9% of the companies use Open Source alternatives for its Cloud Computing. stepping stone GmbH does also use Open Source Software, like OpenStack and Kubernetes, for the development of stoney cloud.

Further popular areas for the use of Open Source Software lie in database and cloud storage. Since the beginning, stepping stone GmbH only uses Open Source Software like Nextcloud and PostgreSQL.

The complete Open Source Survey results (in German) are available here as a Portable Document Format (PDF) or on the website To see which Open Source Solutions stepping stone GmbH has in place, see page 67.

Are you looking for an Open Source based solution? stepping stone GmbH offers personal assistance in the areas of engineering and automation of IT-services since 2004, with emphasis on Open Source based solutions.