Open Cloud Day am 10. Juni 2014

Die stepping stone GmbH tritt als Sponsor des diesjährigen Open Cloud Day auf.

Der Anlass wird durch die Swiss Open Systems User Group organisiert, und findet am Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014 von 09:00 - 17:00 innerhalb der Räumlichkeiten der Universität Bern statt.

Tiziano Müller (Developer & System Engineer, stepping stone GmbH) hält ein Referat zum Thema Scalable Cloud Storage using GlusterFS

Today’s cloud solutions create an ever growing demand for flexible, scalable and available storage. At the same time the competitive environment forces cloud providers to offer costeffective storage. To face this challenge, the open source community offers several solutions, with the most widely ones being Ceph and GlusterFS. The presentation introduces GlusterFS as an example of a distributed, replicated file system capable of scaling up to several petabytes, built upon cost-efficient commodity hardware. You will receive a technology overview of GlusterFS, an introduction to redundancy and fault tolerance configurations and how GlusterFS data can be accessed by client systems. The presentation will be concluded by showing how GlusterFS can be integrated into virtualization environments using the QEMU block driver which is built upon libgfapi and therefore avoiding the FUSE overhead.